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We're a Pittsburgh, PA-based strategic communications consultacy and creative studio that provide a full menu of marketing, communications and media solutions for companies in western Pennsylvania and across the United States. Our client portfolio ranges from major corporations to emerging businesses; from health and medical providers to entertainment and media initiatives. Our work is backed by 30 years of professional experience and an extensive track record of results.

Professional services:

Branding—USP exploration, competitor analysis, brand development, logo and identity design
Advertising—print, broadcast, outdoor, direct marketing ,point-of-sale, and online
Public relations—writing, publicity, issues management and crisis communications
Writing—across all media
Graphic design—logos and identities, print, online, publications, packaging, apparel, and more
Film and video scripting, production and packaging
Photography—award-winning images of people, places, promotional, and events
Web and online communications—web design, SEO writing, content marketing, podcasts, blogging, and more
Consulting and workshops—leadership, customer engagement, customer experience development, and more

We also produce original films, web series and videos.


  medical marketing communications pittsburgh


blue myst road

The Green Man. Blue Myst Road in
North Park. The mysterious bookstore woman. These campfire stories have become Pittsburgh urban legends,
and all are included in our dramatic short film, Blue Myst Road. Learn more
about it and view it online.


video production pittsburgh

As a writer/producer/director, John and
his production team develop and create films and videos that engage audiences, tell stories, sell, promote, educate,
and entertain. We also create funny characters that can serve
as "spokespeople" for your brand.


E-mail: johnfries@comcast.net • Phone: 412.760.2299 • LinkedIn: johnfries • Twitter: JohnAFries • Facebook: John Fries Communications

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