I'm an innovative marketing/PR/media leader, branding expert, creative director and storyteller
who combines writing, graphic design, web design, and digital media
to build brands, engage audiences, tell compelling stories, and deliver results.

I've helped companies of all sizes and types communicate their messages—UPMC,
PNC Bank, Giant Eagle, Heinz, and Schering-Plough, to name just a few. How can I help you?

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Selected work

Prime Stage Television
Creator of online video channel


PSTV Episode 1: "In Conversation"
Producer / director

Logo design

Vasculitis Foundation: Team Brandon
Graphic design


Prime Stage Theatre
Poster design for 2016–2017 season

Blackfoot Services
Brand design

LTS Academy
Writing / branding / design / web design


Blue Myst Road
Screenwriting / production / direction

Vasculitis Foundation: Team Brandon
Graphic design

Vasculitis Foundation
T-shirt design

Vasculitis Foundation: 30th Anniversary
Web & print writing / design

Blue Myst Digital
Branding / film & video production

Comedy Relief Pittsburgh XII (2016)
Ad design / public relations


Author Christine Posti
Online video series

The Uptown Project
Writing / photography / design

The Soldier
CD cover design / video production


Retro NY
Travel Posters
Writing / design


Dr. Maria Simbra
Photography / web design

Snow Funny Comedy Tour
Branding / writing / design / public relations

Kenny Blake


CooperTalk Live (Los Angeles, California)
Graphic design

Prime Stage Theatre
2015–2016 season poster design

Choice Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Brand design / collateral design

Ladies' Night of Luxury
Branding / graphic design / advertising

Little Sisters of the Poor
Wrote, produced and directed a short documentary to launch LSP's successful capital campaign

Writing and editing online educational content
to teach company sales reps about ketchup

Studio Yianni
Designing brand graphics for cool
creative studio

PNC Bank
Writing magazine content & radio commercials

Giant Eagle Market District
Collateral writing

interactive game scripting

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