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  Blue Myst Films launches

We've launched a production company to create films, videos, television, and digital online media. Our intent is to create engaging, entertaining original projects as well as write and produce client initiatives. Our experience encompasses producing television, dramatic films, commercials, online videos, educational videos, business films, sizzle reels, and more. The Blue Myst Films website is in progress here.

Give us a call at 412-760-2299 or send an email to discuss your needs.

Photography site now online

A separate website now showcases our diverse range of photography work, including people, places, editoral, event, and fine arts photography. We've created images for a wide variety of media, and have been honored with awards for our work. Pictured here is our photograph of Dr. Maria Simbra, medical reporter at KDKA-TV.

Check out

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  Our urban legend film, Blue Myst Road,
available for free viewing online

This original dramatic film about Pittsburgh urban legends takes viewers on a visit to Blue Myst Road in North Park, tells the story of the Green Man and more.

Learn more about the film and view it online at

Promoting a Los Angeles radio program

Steve Cooper is a radio host and podcaster in Los Angeles, CA. His excellent show, CooperTalk, presented a series of live audience tapings with notable actors at a North Hollywood coffeehouse owned by actor Robert Romanus, who played Damone in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. We created promotional materials for these events.

Check out CooperTalk.

  Twenty years of website design
and online marketing

We're in our 20th year of creating websites that build customer relationships. And website design is only the beginning. We also provide online marketing services, SEO writing, ecommerce, video and podcast production, and more.

Learn more about our online expertise.

Need a laugh?

Sometimes, you just need a laugh. Sometimes you need several. My humor blog is here.

I write humorous essays, comedic film and video scripts, jokes for stand-up comedians and speakers, advertising, radio and television material, script punch-ups.

Need funny material for your next project? Contact me.

  Marketing a ski resort comedy tour

We developed marketing, PR and advertising materials for the Snow Funny Comedy Tour, an initiative developed and produced by comedian and writer Matt Wohlfarth.. Previously,, we worked on Matt's Midlife Crisis Comedy Tour, which played in theaters and clubs coast to coast; developed materials to support his Comedy Relief Pittsburgh shows, which support the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank; and designed the cover for his book, The ABCs of Stand-Up Comedy.

What can the business world
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