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Our passion is to help companies and organizations of all sizes do business better and communicate and market to theur audiences more effectively. We provide clients with expert counsel and strategic advice to help them plan, improve and enhance their marketing, communcations and digital efforts.

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Areas of expertise:

Brand Development

Why do people go out of their way and willingly pay more—often much more—to buy a Range Rover or Starbucks coffee, shop at Whole Foods, or buy t-shirts at Vineyard Vines? There’s not necessarily a huge difference in quality between these companies’ goods and those of their competitors.

In many if not most cases, their purchasing decisions are motivated by effective branding, which shapes customers’ perceptions. Branding is both an art and a science, and a strategic, well-executed convergence of the two can often position a company for long-term success.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is similar to corporate or business branding, but it focuses on shaping the public or customer perception of the individual rather than (or along with) the company, establishing him or her as both a leader and a credible authority.

Perception is reality, and our strategic approach to personal branding helps you leverage your experience and expertise to shape your reputation and how your key audiences perceive you. If you’re the public face of your business, you’ll benefit from this strategy.

Storytelling in Marketing

One of the most effective communications tools used in marketing and PR has been around since the beginning of time: the story. From website content and press releases to case studies, white papers and branded video content, vivid, compelling stories engage the audience, use anecdotal writing to convey important points, create a visceral reaction, and is memorable in ways that facts, bullet points and data are not. This approach will make you appreciate the value and potential of effective business storytelling and change the way you think about the messages you’re communicating to your customers.

Online Content Strategy

In today’s business environment, it’s essential to think like a publisher. In large part, this means creating shareable content that helps your customers work more efficiently, grow revenue or solve their problems. Websites, blogs, social media, and online video channels (see below) facilitate this. Content not only helps your customers but also helps position you and your company as experts, market leaders and problem solvers. We can help you develop a content strategy and tactics that will benefit your company and strengthen your reputation as go-to experts.

Branded Video Content Strategy

In recent years, as broadband Internet has become commonplace, video has increasingly become a preferred marketing tool for many companies. Our content studio, Blue Myst Films, is a leader in writing, producing and packaging branded videos, web series and more.

Public Relations

Many if not most business owners don’t realize it, but there’s an army of editors, reporters, bloggers, and broadcast producers who want to tell your story to their audiences. But you have to let them know about it. I’ll do that on your behalf, or help you and your team enhance their PR skills.

Inbound Marketing

Many marketing-savvy companies leverage inbound marketing as a tactic for not only marketing their products, services and expertise but also for collecting email address of prospective customers and bringing them into the sales funnel.


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